Our home. Our moment.
Maggie for Asheville City Council

Asheville is facing unprecedented change and it’s time for creative solutions. I will bring people together to preserve what is precious and fight for what is long overdue.​

Maggie for City Council Logo with Sunshine

Maggie’s Priorities

Housing: All kinds need all kinds of housing.

All kinds of people need all kinds of homes. The housing market is in the driver seat and Ashevillians are getting run over and run out of town. I will work to ensure safe housing for all our residents.

Man at home. Everyone deserves a home.


Hands connecting in solidarity.

HOW we move forward will determine WHAT we move toward. To truly serve our community our "HOW" must be "TOGETHER."  I will help people move from "me" to "we."

Coalition Building

A protest sign reads "If not now, when? There is no Planet B"


Our climate is already changing, we need to be prepared. Climate change is global, and a resilient, sustainable community is local. I will drive action to meet our moment.

Maggie’s Values

Photo of Maggie Ullman, candidate for Asheville City Council.


Building trust by being honest, committed, reliable, and open.

Photo of Maggie working for an inclusive and equitable outcome.

Inclusive & Equitable

Bringing different voices together in pursuit of all Ashevillians gaining what they need.

Photo of Maggie Ullman in a big blue recycling bin when she was Asheville's first sustainabiity director.


Pushing the boundaries of what is possible so that we can achieve what is needed.

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